THE CollinsCraft Roll Slitter

CollinsCraft Roll Slitter Model 76-24 with jib crane hoist
and re-roller attachments pictured are offered as options.

In A Word. . . Precision

The answer to fast and precise roll slitting with absolutely no waste has eluded manufacturers and fabricators for years. The solution is a CollinsCraft Roll Slitter custom built for your application. A CollinsCraft Roll Slitter provides precision cut widths in either a manually or Servo Auto-indexed system. No other slitter is easier to use or cuts faster than a CollinsCraft.

Every CollinsCraft Roll Slitter is manufactured for safety. Each machine is equipped with manual blade guards.

CollinsCraft Slitters
Make The Cut

Every CollinsCraft Roll Slitter
is custom-made, to meet your
needs. A CollinsCraft Roll Slitter
can be built to accommodate
rolls up to 240 inches in length
and 48 inches in diameter.

Everyday CollinsCraft Roll Slitters cut…
Non-woven, Woven, Geotextiles, Garment, Home Furnishings, Leather, Ceramic, Rubber, Fiberglass,
Carpet, even Ballistics Grade Woven KevlarTM.

Adjustable roll speed and stationary blade prevent
friction heat buildup.

Every cut is neat, clean and to the exact measurement. Blade life is lengthened because it stops short of the non-rotating mandrel.
Cut widths may be programmed in
either metric or English measurements.
Slitter controls are easy to use
and within reach of the operator.
The standard slitter is manually
positioned to the cut width. Options
include Auto-stop and Auto-index.

CollinsCraft designed Re-rollers are available as
an option. This adds utility and flexibility to the slitter.

Every CollinsCraft Roll Slitter is
supplied with two blade canisters.
Roll rotation is reversible which
extends the life of our proprietary
blade. Empty canisters returned
for refill are processed and
shipped back the same day.



• Manual cut
• Size 76” x 24” to 240” x 4$”
• Variable roll speed
• Slit width is manually positioned
or computer-indexed


• Can cut full spectrum
• Blade canister contains 50 ft. of continuous blade
• ReVersible rotation—utilizing both edges of blade
Here’s A Guarantee…
CollinsCraft Roll Slitters are operating around the
world. We’re so certain that CollinsCraft Slitters will
work for you that we’ll buy it back during the first
six months if your specifications aren’t met. This
applies only to our standard size machine!*

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