The CollinsCraft Roll Slitter


The answer to fast and precise roll slitting with absolutely no waste has eluded manufacturers and fabricators for years. The solution is a custom-made roll slitter from CollinsCraft. Not only will the CollinsCraft Roll Slitter bring precision from manual or easy-to-use computer programmed cut widths, there is no easier or faster way to slit rolls.

Every cut is neat, clean, and to the exact measurement. Blade life is lengthened because it stops short of the non-rotating mandrel.

Pictured below is the CollinsCraft Model 76-24 roll slitter with the jib crane hoist option. The hoist will safely lift rolls weighing up to 500 pounds.
Every day CollinsCraft Roll Slitters cut:

Non-wovens, Wovens, Geotextiles, Garment, Home Furnishings, Leather, Ceramic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Carpet, and even Ballistics Grade Woven Kevlar.

Since every CollinsCraft Roll Slitter is custom-made, you can be certain that our roll slitters meet your needs.

CollinsCraft Roll Slitters can accommodate rolls up to 240 inches in length and 48 inches in diameter. Both manual and auto-indexing models are available.

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